Our mission is to empower millennials to achieve financial success.

Voted one of the top personal finance websites for millennials, The Wealth Tip is a financial education platform aimed at providing financial guidance that will inspire millennials to pursue and achieve their dreams of financial independence.

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Building wealth & being financially savvy isn't as hard as you think it is.

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“I have prioritized my debt repayment, and I now add an extra payment to my student loans to get it paid off quicker.”

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“I'm on week 8 of my savings challenge and haven't withdrawn a penny! This is a big win for me! Once I finish the challenge, I plan to put all the money towards my student loans and then restart the challenge!”

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Meet the Founder

Eric is a millennial entrepreneur, blogger, writer, and money expert with over 8 years of experience in financial roles.

He created The Wealth Tip to provide millennials with financial education, the knowledge to take control of their finances, and the keys to make informed financial decisions.

Leveraging his own personal experiences with debt, saving money, and building wealth, he is passionate about helping others change their money stories and achieve real financial success

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