Our mission is to empower millennials to achieve financial success.

Voted one of the top personal finance websites for millennials, The Wealth Tip is a financial education platform aimed at providing financial guidance that will inspire millennials to pursue and achieve their dreams of financial independence.

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Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Eric, entrepreneur, personal finance expert, blogger, and writer.

I have a passion to help ambitious millennials get unstuck and unlearn the misinformation and lies taught to us about money

Eric Haque

 My main goal is to help you become accountable, ditch debt, save money and build real wealth.

My Story

At the time that I am writing this, I'm 30 years old, I have a B.S. in Economics, working towards my CFEI certificate, with over  7 + years of experience in the finance industry. But don't let these accomplishments fool you, I'm not perfect when it comes to money.


I was recently laid off for the 2nd time in my life and as cliche as this may sound it was the best thing to ever happen to me. With time to think I was able to mediate and reflect on what I really wanted in life. And the answer came quick, it was freedom.

Freedom to live life on my terms, ending the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, trading time for money, and allowing myself to truly live a "richer" life. Naturally the first thing I wanted to do was to update my resume and apply to 100's of job opportunities.

But I knew this wasn't going to change the void I was feeling. I needed to create a PLAN OF ACTION.


I started with listing everything I wanted to change about my life immediately.

I wanted to stop stressing out about money. To pay off all my debt and feel like I have enough. I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck, being unable to handle unexpected expenses, and feeling like I can never get ahead. I also wanted to be excited about my job and income again. To be able to afford an impromptu vacation and live life on my own terms.

And this is where I began my entrepreneurship life. I took the leap of faith, and invested my last severance paycheck into building The Wealth Tip. This will not only help me achieve financial freedom, and improve my financial literacy but will also allow me to serve my purpose.   

You are not alone

The Wealth Tip is a community of like minded individuals that support and encourage one another with tools, coaching, and mentorship as we navigate through our financial journeys.

Right now, you may be struggling to organize your finances, or consistently pay off debt and create a meaningful life. However, I hope you haven’t convinced yourself that there’s no possible way to turn your situation completely around.

I’ve never felt like I fit in or felt comfortable with the status quo. If this is how you feel about people’s frightening but comfortable position about debt, financial stress, and a complacent life. You’re not alone.

Join me and many others on our journey to financial independence!

What You Will Find Here

What to expect here is an abundance of information, advice, and resources about improving your money mindset, managing your finances, and living a richer life.

I love to teach, share, and help people succeed so that’s the type of community I’ve built.

You’ll find lots of encouragement and positivity here along with real solutions to some of your most significant financial issues and obstacles.

I’m also keen on helping people who truly want to be helped. I always add a little extra for my email subscribers whether it’s free tools, money-saving hacks, step-by-step guides and other advanced content.

You won’t find any hot stocks, trendy funds, or get rich quick schemes on The Wealth Tip – but what you will find are new ideas, courses, and time-tested strategies that I hope will make your life better and future richer.

I want to see you win, so I’ll forever be cheering for you on this financial journey.

Say yes to better finances and a better life by joining The Wealth Tip community.

Outside of The Wealth Tip

When I'm not writing or speaking personal finance, I enjoy dj'ing classic hip-hop, reggae, and oldies, reading, abstract painting, photography, and traveling internationally. I am very passionate about my family and friends when I am not pursuing my other interests.


You can read more about me on my personal blog; www.erichaque.com

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