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On this page you’ll find services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know are valuable. It's made it easy so that you can quickly find great products and services all in one place. 

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or wouldn’t personally use.


Automate, automate, automate! Digit automates your savings. It's a savings automation app that connects to your accounts and based on your account balance and spending habits, automatically saves money for you. I’ve saved an additional $91.00 in the past 3 months by using this. It’s not a substitute for your regular savings, but a good, easy supplement to help you save even more.


(Update: Digit will begin charging $2.99 a month for their service. If you would like a free option check out Qapital)


Acorns allows customers to automatically invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds offered by some of the world's top asset managers (including Vanguard and BlackRock). Customers grow their wealth in one of five portfolios constructed with help from world-renowned Nobel Laureate economist Dr. Harry Markowitz.


Acorns smart portfolio algorithms automatically work in the background of life, helping users build wealth naturally, pennies at a time. From Acorns mighty oaks do grow!


There are few things more frustrating than being unable to view your own credit score. For years, people have been denied access to or have been forced to pay for a report that is so vital to living in today’s economy. 


Capital One decided to create the CreditWise monitoring program to finally say “no more!” to reporting fees. The service lets you get a free credit score and keep track of any changes, all in a program that won’t negatively impact your score at all! Credit reports should be free.  Get in touch with CreditWise to access your free credit score today!


With the help of the Qoins mobile app, you can maximize your monthly debt payment and be free of that financial burden in a much quicker timeframe. Qoins uses your spare change to make automatic payments toward your debt each and every month. Spend less of your hard-earned money on interest charges by being debt free faster with this handy app. The Qoins mobile app is a secure and successful way to pay down your debts. Try out the first month for free and discover the difference your spare change can make!


BillShark is an innovative service that can dramatically save money and reduce your monthly bills. You’ll enjoy lowered rates for the same level of service, without all the research and phone calls. To start, you send your account information to BillShark. The dedicated team of negotiators will help you cut down on monthly bills that are outdated or overpriced. Some providers adjust their rates to keep up with the competition, without informing their loyal customers. Other services can allow for negotiation based on your payment history.

If you’re ready to reduce your bills fast, sign up for BillShark today. You’ll enjoy lower payments without the hassle or stress of contacting each provider to ask for better rates. It’s easy to get started and even easier to save thanks to their team of bill negotiators.

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